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Tempus Unlimited
600 Technology Center Drive
Stoughton, Ma 02072



We are open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM. We are closed Saturday and Sundays and all major holidays. Our toll free telephone number is 1.877.479.7577 for Fiscal Intermediary and 1.800.924.7570 for our Community Programs.  Our 24-hour fax line is 1.800.359.2884.


Some Helpful Resources:


What is PaperWorkr? Paperworkr is an online tool used to help complete New Hire Paperwork. Information is entered once, then pre-populated onto all the necessary forms used in hiring a new worker-- eliminating incomplete paperwork! This allows for faster processing and ensures paperwork for a new hire is processed in the order it is received. When used, a user name and password is created. A user can then use this system to update their information and even have this paperwork changed to apply for another consumer. Click and go to https://paperwork.masscp.org  to get started!


Electronic Timesheets:

What are Electronic Timesheets (E-Ts)? We have developed an Electronic Timesheet Module for those people who would like to submit their timesheets online rather than faxing or mailing paper timesheets. For more information and to get started, please click here. 



What is Enrollment?  Enrollment is a web-based Module to assist agencies in completing new consumer set-up paperwork.  Information is entered once and then pre-populated onto all the necessary forms used to enroll a new consumer so they can begin receiving services and the FI can process their timesheets.  This allows agencies to see if their paperwork has been received and whether the consumer is pending or active.  The agency can also see the PCA/worker information in Enrollment.  Click here to access the training manual which will assist you in using the various features of this Module.