Report Abuse, Fraud and/or Suspicious Activity



As a partner of MassHealth, we at Tempus Unlimited take Fraud accusations very seriously. Our fraud team works closely with the Bureau of Special Investigations, as well as with our Consumers’ Personal Care Management Agencies, to research and submit instances of fraud, waste, and abuse conducted by individuals enrolled in the PCA program. If you have any information regarding the misuse of the PCA program and its funds, we encourage you to contact us with as much information as possible including individuals involved and date ranges of any offenses. Information can also be dropped off, or submitted via mailed, or fax at 1.800.359.2884. If preferred, submissions can be made anonymously.



As Mandated Reporters, we are required to report allegations of abuse to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC). If you have any information regarding the suspected abuse of persons with disabilities please contact the DPPC Hotline at 1.800.426.9009, (TTY: 1.888-822.0350) -- 24 hours-7 days a week including holidays. For more information on abuse as defined by MassHealth please visit