Use E-Timesheets (For use in FI PCA Program Only)

We have developed an Electronic Timesheet Module for those people who would like to submit their timesheets online rather than faxing or mailing paper timesheets.

There are many features of the Electronic Timesheet Module that will help to make the task of preparing, signing, approving, and submitting timesheets more efficient.  Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to complete the timesheet on the internet so there is no need to print the paper form.
  • The electronic timesheet is checked for math and all relevant information so the timesheet is acceptable before submission.
  • Avoid the costs and inconvenience of faxing paper timesheets.
  • Alleviate late payrolls to PCAs/Workers due to mailed timesheets arriving late.
  • The history of timesheets is always available online so it is not necessary to maintain paper copies.
  • Emails from the system inform consumers, surrogates, and PCAs/Workers when one of the parties has created a timesheet, when a timesheet has been approved by the other party, and when a timesheet has been accepted by Tempus Unlimited.  It will no longer be necessary to call to determine whether we received your faxed timesheet.


In order to use Electronic Timesheets a consumer and/or surrogate needs to have their own email address. An employee must also have his or her own email. To begin, please fill out an Electronic Agreement form and send to us for processing.  Please allow 5 business days for processing. Once set up both parties will receive a confirmation email from Tempus Unlimited; this will take you to a page where you can set up a password and begin using the system.


Click Here for Electronic Timesheet Agreement Forms and Samples