Ongoing Job Coaching Support

On Going Job Coaching Support  assist consumers with disabilities to secure competitive employment and become  successful in the workplace long term. Job Coaches could assist in interview, job orientations and on the job training. 

Service area: Servicing Boston area to Cape Cod

Pre-Employment Services (PRE-ETS)

Work readiness training is provided to high school students with disabilities and is designed to assist them in preparing for employment through soft-skills training, and job search techniques.  Other examples of services are Interest testing, resume preparations, and interview skills. Once the consumer completes different steps of the program they are offered a stipend. This includes on the job training that offers the consumer the experience of interning and or volunteering. During this process they are putting the skills they learn to practice as well as building new ones.

Job Development/Job Placement

Job Development/Job Placement component are for the consumers that are ready for employment. Together the staff and consumer work closely to achieve the goal of job placement. After the process of filling out online and paper applications, the consumers then prepares for interviewing. They are given a portfolio including their resume, cover letter, and references. Once they obtain employment we keep close contact for up to 90 days. We provide on and off the job support according to the preference of the consumer.

Skills Training

Skills Training component gives the consumer the opportunity to learn pre-employment skills that include: How prepare a resume and cover letter, job search techniques, interviewing and how to dress for success. We also have training modules that include: Customer Service, How to use a basic cash register, introduction to hand and power tools, and basic computer skills.

Service area: Servicing Boston area to Cape Cod


Vocational Assessments

The Vocational assessments component includes career testing, job try outs, community volunteering and job tours. Through this component our department would determine if consumers are prepared for competitive integrated employment.

Service area: Servicing Boston area to Cape Cod