Get Information about Unemployment or Workers Compensation

If you no longer work for your consumer or hours have been reduced you have the right to file for Unemployment Assistance. Tempus Unlimited is not involved in the decision of the claim. Please contact the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance at or call 617.626.5039. Please note when filing your claim, your consumer is your employer, not Tempus Unlimited.

Use E-Timesheet

Set up E-Timesheet Usage

Please fill out the form below drop off, mail or fax to 1.800.359.2884.  This gives us permission to accept your electronic timesheet. Please keep in mind both you and your consumer or surrogate must have his or her own email address to use this system.


Sign up for Direct Deposit or Change/Modify existing payment option


Sign Up!

If you already have an existing account please fill out this direct deposit form and attach a voided check that has your information printed on it or attach a direct deposit letter from your prepaid card or banking institution that has your name, account and routing number typed on it. Please note: name on account must match name on file, deposit slips are not acceptable. Also, please be sure to include your consumer number and drop off, mail or fax to 1.800.359.2884

Request Employment Verification

Tempus Unlimited, Inc. is not your employer, and therefore cannot provide verification of your employment.  The person you care for is your employer. You will need to request verification from them. Additionally, if you send us a signed letter asking for "Employment Verification and Wage History" we will send you an official letter explaining who your employer is, how our programs work and a wage history. The information we will provide,  along with a signed letter from your employer, will verify your employment .

Update My Info

Multiple times throughout the year, we send out change forms, which allow for you to update your information including your employment status. You can send us notification at any time by dropping off, mailing or faxing us a letter with your new information (address, phone number, working status) sign and date it and be sure to include your consumer number. Our fax number is 1.800.359.2884.